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Istanbul, Turkey
Design and Build

Vesta's office, located in Maslak 1453 Office blocks, gathered under one roof in terms of engineering and finance, was designed by Gizem Sipkan Architecture in 2022.


Maximum efficiency and elegance were brought to the fore in small spaces in the design setup built on an area of ​​109 m2. A welcoming area was created by designing 2 hidden led columns at the entrance and placing the company's logo in the middle of the decorative plastered wall. The toilet on the right side of the entrance was destroyed with a hidden door, and integrity was achieved with paneling. Apart from the working area, a wooden cladding was made on the ceiling of the long table with natural wood veneer as the center of the office, and a different work and multi-purpose area was obtained by hanging the pendant lamps. The chairs were chosen as orange to make us think that it refers to the heart of the office, focusing on the energy and synergy there. The kitchen door was also hidden with paneling, creating harmony with the painted glass and TV. The green color was used in a balanced way on the walls and cabinets in order to provide calmness and spaciousness in the common work area. Parquet was used on the floor in order to give a sense of warmth and belonging to the environment. A separate personal space was created by separating the rooms of 2 executives with glass partitions. In order to create privacy in their own areas, hidden drapery was made inside the wood on the ceiling. The wooden tables, coffee tables and cabinets in the executive rooms and the common area were designed by Gizem Sipkan.

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