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Istanbul, Turkey
Design and Build

The office located in Akasya Mall Office blocks in Turkey, Istanbul of the technology and software company Infotime was designed by Gizem Sipkan Architecture in 2021.

In the 550 m2 single-floor single-storey work area, it can make good use of the day and creating a positive impact is the main creation of the design. Due to the floor plan, wall, facade and floor plan forms of Akasya Offices, the space sections are planned in the most straight and future way. While being built, in a linear corridor layout, those facing the ruling façade did not plan to be planned. For custom design training from the administration section of his office, the reception desk meeting room in the entry way of the office is separated by his and the school teachers to move left. A comfortable environment has also been created for open work areas and quieter spaces of the office. The workstation and seats in the open study were selected from Bürotime. 

90x90 lvt. concrete look on the floor in the entrance and corridors of the office. The executive master in all comekan partitions was chosen and caught from the ground with its concreteness on the ground. In an atmosphere that is bright and positive with the navy blue that comes to mind as technology can be called, and at the same time, Infotime, which comes from a neutral color.

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